TECHNO Review offers a space for dialogue and the publication of innovative theories, analyses, and practices that relate science, technology, knowledge, and society. It has an interdisciplinary scope: it provides a meeting point between scientists, technologists, and engineers concerned about humanities and social matters; and philosophers, historians, political scientists, and economists interested in the increasing impact of science and technological innovation in diverse fields of human life and social sphere. The journal welcomes research articles, critical reflection articles, systematic review articles, book reviews, and proposals for the publication of Special Issues. The journal is peer-reviewed (doubly anonymous) and publishes papers written in Spanish and English.

Additionaly, from 2023, the journal will publish two Special Issues annually. The first one (in June) will always revolve around the same central theme that we have named Artificial Minds (Artificial intelligence, transhumanism, minds and machines, cyborgs, etc.). The second one (in December) will have a more open nature and will vary each year based on the proposals we received from the coordination candidates.

Note: previously, articles in Portuguese were published but articles in this language are not accepted anymore. Only articles in Portuguese that were sent to the journal until the 20th of October of 2022 will be published.