Volunteering in the Elderly: a Current Inclusion Mode

  • Nazaret Martínez-Heredia Universidad de Granada
  • Ana Amaro Agudo Universidad de Granada
Keywords: Elderly, Volunteering, Social, Inclusion


In the case of the elderly, volunteering programs represent a way of participation in society, promoting an aging quality. In the present work we set out to analyze various volunteer opportunities aimed at our elders. Currently there are some 30 volunteer opportunities throughout Spain. The results show that the majority of activities are emotional and personal accompaniment. The self-awareness of the elderly as a volunteer and their incorporation into the aforementioned regulatory frameworks is an increasingly necessary and growing issue.

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Martínez-Heredia, N., & Amaro Agudo, A. (2020). Volunteering in the Elderly: a Current Inclusion Mode. SOCIALreview. International Social Sciences Review / Revista Internacional De Ciencias Sociales, 9(1), pp. 15-25. https://doi.org/10.37467/gka-revsocial.v9.2311