Entrevista a Fernando Yaacov Peña Moyano

Medicina de la autoconsciencia


  • Fernando Yaacov Peña Moyano Médico Oftalmólogo de la Universidad el Bosque
  • Manuela Bonnett Tobón Psicóloga de la Universidad de los Andes




Health, Well-being, Enmotional balance, Spirituality


Self-Consciousness Medicine allows both therapists, patients and people in general to seek greater balance and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through the practice of habits, techniques and exercises known since ancient times and that have now been compiled and organized with a medical orientation so that they are within the reach of seekers of a more transcendental and healthy life. We live in a turbulent world where illness, suffering, pain, and sadness are frequent aspects of most human beings, regardless of their socioeconomic status, religion, race, or educational level. At the same time, we are being inundated by harmful food products that contribute to the prolongation of many chronic diseases. There is an existential vacuum that leads to seek the satisfaction of cravings and find pleasure in what only generates more illness, suffering and death. We can search for inner peace, happiness, love and health, if we are really convinced of a change.



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Peña Moyano, F. Y. ., & Bonnett Tobón, M. . (2023). Entrevista a Fernando Yaacov Peña Moyano: Medicina de la autoconsciencia. MEDICA REVIEW. International Medical Humanities Review / Revista Internacional De Humanidades Médicas, 11(1), 41–43. https://doi.org/10.37467/revmedica.v11.5075



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