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The results showed a statistically significant relationship between quality of service in teledentistry and patient satisfaction (p&lt;0.05), where 34.9% patients perceived low quality of service and dissatisfaction, while 33.7% were pleased with the care. We conclude that, given the dental health difficulties, the population of the Peruvian central jungle is dissatisfied with the teledentistry service.</p> Teresa Etelvina Ríos-Caro Jhair Alexander León Rodríguez Franz Tito Coronel-Zubiate Carlos Manuel Ríos-Angulo Marco Cesar Ríos-Caro Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-07 2023-08-07 21 2 223 235 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5049 Burnout Syndrome in Teachers of Health Sciences in Chachapoyas <p>The research sought to determine the prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in health teachers at a university in north-eastern Peru. The universe was made up of 69 teachers, and 41 responded to the self-administered instrument called Maslach Burnout Inventory. The results show that 14.6% present this syndrome. The highest indicator was personal fulfillment, while depersonalization and emotional exhaustion were low. According to gender, in both it was similar. According to age group, it had a greater effect in ages between 36 and 51 years. Marital status was more prevalent in singles. We conclude that the prevalence of Burnout Syndrome was low.</p> Franz Tito Coronel-Zubiate Olenka María Oblitas Pereyra Yshoner Antonio Silva Díaz Oscar Pizarro Salazar Jeanile Zuta Rojas Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-08 2023-08-08 21 2 237 244 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5051 Metacognition as a Reading Strategy in Incoming University Students <p>Reading and reading comprehension is of great importance for students to be able to grasp the main idea of what they are reading, for which reading strategies are needed. The objective of the research is to analyze and describe the perspectives of the reading strategies they use and how to help entering university students to face their professional studies. The methodology used is descriptive and correlational among its elements, it is of cross-sectional and quantitative approach whose sample are university students entering a professional career, 1181 students were surveyed through an online survey.</p> Erika Belinda Ramirez-Altamirano Angel Salvatierra Melgar William Camilo Yauris-Polo Sandy Guillen-Cuba Carlos Huamanquispe-Apaza Percy Lima-Roman Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-08 2023-08-08 21 2 245 258 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5052 Organizational Culture and Pedagogical Management in Peru <p>The purpose of the article was to determine the relationship between the organizational culture and the institutional management of the "Enrique López Albújar" Educational Institution, Piura. Work is worked under a quantitative approach, descriptive and correlational scope, 40 teachers participated as a sample. Among the results, it was found that there is no significant relationship between organizational culture and institutional management, which did not allow validating the research hypothesis; However, a significant relationship between norms and customs with institutional management was found; which concludes in compliance with the norms and good customs based on values<em>.</em></p> Lucia-Viviana Patiño-García Juan Carlos Zapata Ancajima Priscila E. Luján-Vera Lucy Mariella García Vilela Richard Alejandro Aguirre Camarena Ivett Violeta Aguilar Soto Raquel Silva Juárez Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-08 2023-08-08 21 2 259 267 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5053 Self-Regulated Learning for Learning to Learn in Higher Education <p>The challenging changes have impacted learning, creating the need for new ways of learning, such as self-regulated learning. This approach facilitates the development of competencies by promoting metacognition and learning to learn. The objective of this study was to analyze research on the topic to extract its contributions. A qualitative systematic review was conducted, searching for articles in Scopus, WOS, and PubMed in both English and Spanish, and 30 documents were selected. It was evidenced that self-regulated learning contributes comprehensively and significantly to the achievement of competencies, analyzed through its cognitive, metacognitive, affective-emotional, relational-social, and ethical dimensions.</p> Cinthia Rosales-Marquez Agueda Silva-Aguilar Victor Miranda-Vargas Rosa Salas-Sanchez Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-10 2023-08-10 21 2 269 281 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5058 Literary Research in a Peruvian University: A Systematic Mapping of Undergraduate Theses <p>This study aims to analyse undergraduate research in Literature at a Peruvian university. A systematic mapping of ten works published between 2017 and 2022 was carried out. The results show a preference for research in Peruvian literature and that the most studied literary genre is narrative. It is concluded that the studies do not clearly describe scientific methods or methodologies of literary analysis; due to their diversity, to the fact that literary studies have an interdisciplinary complexity, and because university educational efforts in research are focused on the last semesters.</p> Marianné Núñez-Núñez Evelyn-Paola Guillén-Chávez Mª Cruz Sánchez-Gómez Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-11 2023-08-11 21 2 283 297 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5061 Call for Papers: The Game, a Gamified Tool for Teaching Scientific Writing in Engineering Students <p>This paper presents the evaluation of the alpha version of a gamified tool called Call for Papers: The Game (CfP:TG), specially designed for teaching scientific writing in the training of future engineers. A non-probabilistic convenience sampling was carried out with the participation of engineering students from a Peruvian public university. The short version of the user experience questionnaire (UEQ) was applied, and usability was qualitatively evaluated. The main results indicate that the Pragmatic Quality of CfP:TG is in the neutral range with a value of 0.729, and the Hedonic Quality receives a positive evaluation with a value of 1.089.</p> Rosa Núñez-Pacheco Elizabeth Vidal Duarte Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Eveling Castro-Gutiérrez Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-14 2023-08-14 21 2 299 310 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5067 Mediation of Personal Motivation, School and Parental Self-Efficacy in the Educational Role <p>Here are several influential factors in parental self-efficacy, mediated by the personal motivation of parents towards school. The modelling of structured equations of partial minimum squares for data analysis was used. The study was conducted with 446 participants, mainly women (81.2%) and men (18%) in post-Pandemic times. The study concludes that communication with the school positively influences parental self-efficacy and personal motivation, and communication with children positively influences parental self-efficacy and motivation towards school.</p> Olger Gutiérrez Aguilar Margaret Mollo León Fabiola Talavera Mendoza Sandra Chicaña Huanca Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-14 2023-08-14 21 2 311 325 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5068 General Competencies in Undergraduate. Teacher's Perception of their Development from the Tutorial Action <p>The purpose of the study that will end this article was to analyze the perceptions of coordinators and tutor teachers on the development of general skills in undergraduate students from the tutorial action. The study was carried out according to the qualitative approach and phenomenological design, whose population was made up of coordinators and tutors of undergraduate students from a University of Lima from their experiences in the tutorial action. The sample size will be extended due to the saturation criterion. The data was collected through a structured survey guide and scientific rigor was oriented according to quality criteria: reliability, transferability, dependency and confirmability. It was found as a main result that the tutorial action contributes to the development of some generic skills, such as written and oral communication, and teamwork, which are the most valued by the tutorial experience, since fluid and assertive communication is required. for collaborative work.</p> Percy Rogelio Carrasco Reyes Delcy Gladis Álvaro Fernández Jesús Manuel Cruz Cervantes Luis Chayña Aguilar Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-16 2023-08-16 21 2 327 341 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5069 General Studies in the University Curriculum. An Analysis of its Relevance <p>A study is presented whose purpose is to analyze the belonging, tendency and challenges of general studies in curricula of academic programs of Peruvian Universities. The study, carried out according to the phenomenological design, was made up of university teachers familiar with the curriculum chosen until saturation was achieved. A questionnaire of open questions was applied focused on the appreciation of the informants in the object of the investigation and as results it was found that the general studies contribute: to the development of soft skills in the integral formation of the student, to the identification of strengths and interests about the profession, to the civic life, to the discovery and the reaffirmation of the vocation; hence its curricular relevance.</p> Luis Chayña Aguilar Delcy Gladys Álvaro Fernández Jesús Manuel Cruz Cervantes Percy Rogelio Carrasco Reyes Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-16 2023-08-16 21 2 343 354 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5070 Samples in Educational Research. A Study of Relevance and Sufficiency in Graduate Theses <p>Analyzing the sufficiency and relevance of the samples in master's theses is the objective of the article, the result of a descriptive study with a documentary approach, whose population were master's theses in accreditation of the educational quality of four Universities of Lima, 2020-2022. Observation was used to collect data, finding as results that in the theses carried out mostly with a quantitative approach it is not frequent to observe adequate or representative samples, since they do not offer a logical or methodological justification on how the sample size and the use were determined. of sampling techniques; while in the few qualitative investigations, no arguments are presented to ensure the relevance and sufficiency of the sample, which in both cases affects the quality of the information collected and the convenient volume to obtain reliable results.</p> José Theódulo Esquivel-Grados Clotilde Paula Venegas-Mejía Migdonio Nicolás Esquivel- Grados Manuel Tomás Gonzales-Benites Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-22 2023-08-22 21 2 355 369 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5071 Art in Professional Training in Primary Education: Assessment and Curricular Challenges <p>The article is the product of a study with a mixed approach whose purpose was to analyze and understand the value of art in professional training in Education, based on the opinions of students, and the curricular challenges around art that innovations imply. The sample consisted of Primary Education students from a National University of Lima and to collect information on the appreciation of art in teacher training, a closed questionnaire of attitudes towards artistic expression activities in professional training in Education and for students was applied. curricular challenges an open questionnaire was administered. The results reflect a significant value assigned to art in teacher training and the need and importance of including art as a longitudinal area in the curriculum so that it contributes to the formation of artistic competences and soft skills of future teachers at the Education level. Primary, those that are essential in the teaching.</p> José Theódulo Esquivel-Grados Valia Venegas-Mejía Yamandú Altamirano-Julca Álvaro Altamirano-Sipán Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-22 2023-08-22 21 2 371 388 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5072 Socioemotional Development with Equine Therapy Activities. Analysis of Experiences of Children with Different Abilities <p>The objective of the study was oriented to analyze the socio-emotional development of children with different abilities who participated in equine therapy activities in the city of Lima. The study sample, carried out with a phenomenological design, was made up of parents who participated in the implementation of equine therapy activities and offered information on their children with autism, Down syndrome or attention deficit disorder with and no hyperactivity. The data collection used a questionnaire of open questions that focused on the social and emotional areas of child development, which was administered to 25 informants, a number that was reached by saturation. It was found as a result that children who participate in equine therapy activities with a holistic approach favor their socio-emotional development, referring to the attachment relationship and control of emotions in the emotional area, and communicative and interpersonal relationships. in the social área.</p> Clotilde Paula Venegas-Mejía Giulianno Mitchel Arguedas Pérez Yanet Alvarez Niño de Guzmán Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza José Esquivel-Grados Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-22 2023-08-22 21 2 389 399 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5073 Perception of Academic Writing in University Students <p>Academic writing is crucial in university education, yet it also presents a challenge, as writing skills are not always optimal. This study describes students' perceptions of academic writing. A non-experimental descriptive approach was employed, using the Academic Literacy Perception Questionnaire with 295 students in three university programs: Education, Literature and Linguistics, and Psychology. The findings reflect a positive assessment of their communicative competence, indicating that the acquired knowledge has enhanced their writing process and identification of various genres. Simultaneously, students recognize the need to delve deeper into writing strategies.</p> Aymé Barreda-Parra Rosa Núñez-Pacheco Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Rocío Diaz-Zavala Janeth Esquivel-Las Heras Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-22 2023-08-22 21 2 401 410 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5076 Predictors of Academic Performance through the Use Of Chatgpt in University Students <p>The importance that ChatGPT has acquired in the academic world of universities today is critical. The study proposes to validate some predictor variables, such as efficiency in acquiring information, creativity, writing competence, linguistic competence, academic performance, and satisfaction, to generate reliable and valid research instruments. The study was carried out in Peru with a sample of 400 university students of both sexes. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis tests were used. For this study, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were used. Thus, future research will be able to explore and fully comprehend ChatGPT's utility in various contexts and its impact on higher education.</p> Olger Gutiérrez Aguilar Fredy Delgado-Delgado Joan Meza-Málaga Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Fiorela Ticona Apaza Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-22 2023-08-22 21 2 411 421 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5077 Training and Production in Research in the Educational Field: Pathways and Meanings <p>This study explores education research training and its impact on scientific productivity through pathways and meanings. Interviews and narratives of 15 professors from a faculty of education at a Peruvian university undergoing research training were conducted and analyzed. The findings underscore various training avenues with a direct impact on scientific output, emphasizing a preference for collaborative publishing and the significance of scientific journals. This highlights the close interconnection between education and research in generating knowledge that addresses educational issues.</p> Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Luis Humberto Bejar Pedro Mango-Quispe Rey Araujo-Castillo Rocio Diaz-Zavala Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 21 2 423 435 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5079 Conceptual Mapping of Formative Research in the Peruvian University <p>Formative research is an educational method that involves individuals in their own research-based learning. This study explores the development and perspectives of formative research in Peruvian universities through the analysis of postgraduate thesis reports. Using conceptual mapping as an analytical method, key concepts, categories, and conceptual distinctions are identified, revealing the landscape of formative research and its challenges in the Peruvian university context. The increasing emergence of studies on this topic in various fields of professional and academic training is highlighted, focusing on clarifying its notions, characteristics, and applications.</p> Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Rocío Diaz-Zavala Olger Gutiérrez-Aguilar Pedro Mango-Quispe Eduardo Luis Gutiérrez-Salcedo Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 21 2 437 450 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5080 Quaternary Ideograms as a Didactic Technique to Form Mathematical Conceptual Relationships in University Students <p>The objective of the study was to establish the degree of influence of quaternary ideograms as a didactic technique in the formation of mathematical conceptual relationships in university students. The data were collected with validated tests to contrast the statistical hypotheses of mean difference with the z statistic in a quasi-experimental design with pre- and post-test, and control group. It was concluded that the use of quaternary ideograms significantly influences the formation of conceptual relationships, considering a confidence level of 95%, which indicates that the didactic technique promotes the development of mathematical conceptual skills from a constructivist perspective.</p> Raúl Narciso Martínez-Zocón José Theódulo Esquivel-Grados Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 21 2 451 464 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5081 Didactic Interactions in Blended Learning: Dynamics of Knowledge Construction <p>The study examines a Blended Learning course to identify patterns of didactic interaction that facilitate knowledge construction and, consequently, learning. The research reveals a transition towards virtuality from in-person interactions, gradual acquisition of learning, and a focus on autonomy. These transitions indicate greater development of significant content in virtual environments, suggesting a relationship between intensified virtual interaction, learning, and reduced dependence on the teacher. The analysis of educational practice in Blended Learning promotes autonomy, achievements, and participation through peer collaboration and increased social interaction, leading to notable outcomes.</p> Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Rocio Diaz-Zavala Eduardo Luis Gutiérrez-Salcedo Yvan Delgado-Sarmiento Milagros Gonzales-Miñán Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 21 2 465 475 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5082 Construction and Structural Analysis of a Scale to Measure Research Culture in Peruvian University Students <p>The University as a center of research and knowledge must promote a research culture. The article aims to present the construction and structural analysis of a scale to evaluate the research culture in university students, made up of six dimensions and thirty items rated on the Likert scale with five response options. The scale was applied to 438 students in their last year of studies from sixteen Schools of a University in northern Peru, after its validation by five experts. The exploratory and confirmatory factorial analysis allowed validating the multidimensional structure and its reliability was established with the omega coefficient (w=0.96).</p> Ruth Meregildo-Gómez Romy Kelly Mas-Sandoval Reemberto Cruz-Aguilar Lucy Angélica Yglesias Alva Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 21 2 477 492 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5083 Sociocultural Patterns: Child Rearing Styles in an Amuesha Community in the Central Jungle of Peru <p>The upbringing of infants in native communities is the concern of authorities and researchers for being a vulnerable population segment. The purpose of the study was to analyze child rearing styles of an Amuesha community in the Peruvian jungle. The phenomenological design allowed interviewing amuesha mothers from Oxapampa in Pasco, until reaching saturation. It was found as results that child rearing practices conform to sociocultural patterns, such as identity and communal heritage culture, which are in extinction due to the presence of exotic factors; in addition to a demand to the State for better education and health services.</p> Angela María Herrera Álvarez Valia Venegas-Mejía José Esquivel-Grados Milagritos Lavado Guzmán Roger M.Villamar Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-24 2023-08-24 21 2 493 503 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5084 Critical Incidents in the Reflective Practice of Science Teacher Education Science Teacher Training <p>The analysis of critical incidents in the pre-professional practice of teacher training is essential to promote reflection. Building upon this notion, the urgent need for a reflective practice in the training of science teachers is addressed. In this context, future educators are instructed in the preparation of reports that highlight the critical incidents experienced in their pedagogical work. From these perspectives, reflective practice emerges as a fundamental resource to solidify their identity and pedagogical mastery by incorporating experiences for guidance purposes, emphasizing the significance of reflection.</p> Osbaldo Turpo-Gebera Rocio Diaz-Zavala Pedro Mango-Quispe Rey Araujo-Castillo Yvan Delgado-Sarmiento Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-24 2023-08-24 21 2 505 515 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5085 Hypotheses and Conclusions in Research on Educational Quality. An Analysis of Coherence in Graduate Theses <p>The purpose of the study was to analyze the coherence of the presentation of hypotheses and conclusions in postgraduate thesis on educational quality, which was carried out with a descriptive design. The population consisted of postgraduate theses on educational quality from four Universities of Lima, supported from 2020 to 2022, and the sample was adequate and representative. After the documentary review and analysis, the statistical analysis allowed us to find as a result a weak linear positive correlation of such variables with a significance much lower than 0.01, which means that there is no optimal logical articulation between elements of the these.</p> Valia Venegas-Mejía José Esquivel-Grados Angela María Herrera Álvarez Melba Rita Vásquez Tomás Maruja Dionisia Baldeón De La Cruz Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-24 2023-08-24 21 2 517 526 10.37467/revhuman.v21.5086