The Theater as a Method of Social Action

  • Carmen Caravaca Llamas
  • Luna del Alba Pedregal Novas Universidad de Murcia
Keywords: Social Action, Social Intervention, Social Theater, Theater of the Oppressed


This theoretical research with methodology based on the collection and documentary analysis focuses on the innovative perspective of the practical application of the Social Theater or Theater of the Oppressed as a tool for socio-educational intervention and of transformation and development of the participants. Therefore, this work aims to describe the Theater of the Oppressed and its different types, techniques, evolution and characteristics in order to establish a practical and innovative link from its application in social interventions and determine the possible benefits that this entrepreneurial modality can offer in society.

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Caravaca Llamas, C., & Pedregal Novas, L. del A. (2020). The Theater as a Method of Social Action. EDU REVIEW. International Education and Learning Review / Revista Internacional De Educación Y Aprendizaje, 8(1), pp. 1-13.
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